Friday 30 December 2011

Developing The SU:C:

So for my final project the big project that must be completed of i just wasted three years of my life project. I'm bringing out all the guns and developing something big.

The Student Utility Card (SU:C) is a e-learning solution that brings function and utility to an otherwise useless tool , by fully harnessing the power of the cloud and learning applications the SU:C aids in learning, it is calendar system allowing timetable updates to be automatically sent to groups of students and individual students, the card is update by a server/API system.

An instillation of the System

Implemented in the latest JavaFX standards it can run anywhere on any device deployed on USB enabled ID cards allowing access to utilities that students would not be able to easily access otherwise.

Friday 10 June 2011

Friday 20 May 2011

Well ...what a week.

For this blog post I’m going to take a different tacked, Instead of just posting useless things I found around the internet, I’m going to tell you what I’m doing. (yay me)

#1 Learning Blender 
This is hard... really hard. I have been working with code for some years now and learning the XNA game studio for C# was a piece of cake but, I have come to the realisation that all 3D animators and asset creators are bat shit insane.
That aside I have finally created the concepts and will be posting them in the coming weeks. 

#2 Setting up r/fireworks 

I have been a long time Adobe Fireworks advocate, a web prototyping vector and bitmap tool. I’m so nice I have set up a sub reddit to work on my skills and help others. 

So you can have some Fireworks tutorials in the coming weeks, how nice am I? 

Here is a link if you are interested.

#3 Arguing with the passport office. 

So it looks like I’m not going to France next week, due to some inept moron at the passport office. So i don’t get to go to my own brothers wedding.

Tuesday 3 May 2011

Lies from the lying conservative party, no2av yes2pr dot org.

What’s going on here then, well I guess I better give you all a little background.

There is a referendum vote on May 5th for the alternative vote and voting reform. The alternative vote is the same voting system as in Australia and is an improvement on the FPTP (first past the post) voting system. There is also PR proportional representation, which is a better, my preferred voting system, but is not in this referendum.

Now traditionally the Liberal Democrats are in support of voting reform and the conservatives are in favourer of FPTP because the conservatives although a dominant political party usually get a low amount of votes and a lot of seats this is because of how the FPTP system works.

Now imagine my surprise when I found this web site no2av (no to alternative vote) (yes to proportional representation) ok you would think someone who would support AV in this referendum as the alternate vote is a lot closer to proportional representation then the archaic first past the post system.

Now it looks a little fishy so I did a quick Whois (Domain name look up) on the site, and the surprise with what I found Mr Piotr Brzezinski . The same Mr Piotr Brzezinski from the big society, the conservative party organisation!

The conservatives supporting PR! I think not. Under PR the Conservative Party would become the smallest political party (of the big 3), seeing that Mr Brzezinski is a member of the conservative party you would think that he would have been booted out of the Conservative Party for openly supporting PR.

Well the rest is speculation, but my best guess is that Mr Brzezinski and the Conservative Party are lying to the public in an attempt to get votes away from the AV campaign.

What an utter ass hole, So fuck you Mr Brzezinski .

Tuesday 19 April 2011

The storey of the first Digital images.

The storey of the first Digital images.

As most of you will know I’m a student, well I guess you will as the name of this blog is Kevin's University Adventures. As a part of my next year’s thesis project I’m considering images and compression.

During my whole day of research! I stumbled upon this little gem, it’s a picture of a cute baby well it’s a digital rendering of the first Digital image taken, its actually a photo of the first digital image in a Jpeg format as the original was a 176 x 176 grid and each bit was a pixel, just black or white. On a computer that was operated with switches in 1957. I really don't think they would have a format name for it.

But however it has hunting eyes don’t you think.

Sunday 17 April 2011

I just got a tweet from space.... freaking awesome!!!

So the other day, I tweeted Clayton C. Anderson one of the astronauts on the International Space Station (I.S.S), and he replied. That's right from space. A freaking tweet from space, freaking awesome!!!! 

I just got a tweet from space

1964 Modem Reaches Out And Touches The Internet

Background: This modem was given to him in 1989 by the widow of a retired IBM engineer.

Computer history org has a Model B dated 1965, 1967 Model C written up in a magazine. Interestingly, incorrectly identified as being only 110 baud.)

Wednesday 13 April 2011

An interview with Rich from Follow You Home.

I have just had the pleasure of holding hostage interviewing Rich from a local band called Follow You Home. There an interesting mix of pop rock that I happen to enjoy. Rich use to be in a band that went by the name of Three Storeys High, I used to enjoy them back when I was in Sixth Form College sitting in the Gherkin, a local student pub. Well Follow You Home is Rich's latest music venture so enjoy the word candy.

What's the origin of your name follow you home?
I am afraid there is no long and meaningful answer to that, I guess one of the hardest parts about starting a band is coming up with a name that is both catchy and has not been used yet. I think our name came from a Green Day lyric or something like that.
 Who makes up the band and what do they do?

We have Kayley on Vocals, Nick on the Axe, Mikey on the other Axe, Tom on the tin cans and myself (Rich) on the bass.
What genre of music do you consider your work to be?
We are trying to put our own stamp on our songs, just trying to mould a distinctive sound, I would call what we play "Power-pop / Rock". The melodies and pretty much classic pop melodies, but we try to have a powerful backdrop of music cutting through.
Who are your major influences?
I like to think we have a really wide range of influences. Everything from the 50's, old pop songs, Rock and Metal.
I guess some of our favourite bands are: Foo fighters, brand new, Jimmy eat world, green day, system of a down, and of course old school pop punk bands!
Who writes your songs?  

Our songs are really shaped by the whole band, me and Nick normally have an idea for a melody / lyric but it doesn't really come to life until we all get together and throw our ideas into the mix.
What influences your song making?
It's hard to say what influences our song writing. Most of the time, it just happens. I am a strong believer that if it doesn't click straight away it isn't worth keeping so most of our songs are written and arranged within a few hours.
So you first performance is coming up are you all nervous?

We had a little taste of the stage last week in Derby, supporting our friends in The Hush. I think this helped to take the edge off this first home-town show. But I think nearer the time there will be nerves. Its good though, keeps you on your toes and keeps the passion there.
What's your ultimate direction for your band?
Ultimately, we are just happy to be making music. We want to play shows, travel and as long as people want to listen we will keep doing it!
How do you feel about music piracy?
Personally, as an unsigned band for us music piracy is not a bad thing. We just want to be heard by as many people as possible! I can see how it is a problem for the big boys though!
Any last words……….

I just want to thank you for taking the time out to check us out, and we want to ask anyone thats reading to please help unsigned bands and check us out!

Well some interesting mouth words, from Rich there and not once did he beg for his life so I let him go, he has a gig coming up after all. Anyway remember to check them out the website is or annoy them on Facebook and twitter.

Now enjoy.

Once Upon A Lie (Exclusive Preview) by Follow You Home

Tuesday 5 April 2011

Alternative Vote System : What it is & why you need to vote on May 5th f...

It's voting time, one month from today so remember to vote.

Friday 1 April 2011

The Best Video of all time!!1

Did anyone see the money he was using to test his wallet? I've never seen any money like that before, this video must be from the future, I'll try to enhance the wording on the money itself in order in an attempt to garner clues about our future.

Hay every body April fools!

Friday 25 March 2011

Toys i had growing up in the 90's

This is a reminiscing post about toys i had growing up in the 90's hope you enjoys some of my fondest memories. Dam you thought thieves!

The Super Soaker 200:

That’s right guys not the Super Soaker 50 nonsense I had the 200, id powen them 50’s fan boys by the thousand.


  Ok so noon relay new the rules at my school but Pogs looked cool so everyone had them.

Magic the Gathering:

While the mainstream was all up in Pikachus ass, my friends and I were dealing another kind of card. fine you got me i still play, BUT ITS FUN!

The Beano:

I was never in to the superhero comic book; my comic of choice was the beano. Call me old fashioned if you like but screw you I’m English don’t you know.

Super Nintendo:

Oh yes gaming on the SNES was brilliant I had mine with the scope, although it looked cool there was only one game, that sucked.


Why I had one I don’t know it died in less than 10 minutes and then I took it apart like all the other electronics in the house. Perhaps by the late 90’s I had become a sinik, I was in high school after all.

Action-Man :

Probably the most homosexual toy ever made, well apart from Pokémon homosexual edition. But it was more the fact I had strip them off and made them simulate sex rather than the toy is actually a gay. But yes I played the shit out of action man.

     Well that is it boys and girls but don’t forget to comment and tell me about the toys you liked growing up.

Thursday 17 March 2011

What life might be like in the year 2000.

In 1910, A  French  artist / futurist Villemard produced some illustrations depicting what life might be like in the year 2000. So if you were ever having wonders what the  Steam-Punk world would have looked like then lets have a look.

The electric train
Automated Construction Site
Auto-Roller Wheels
Robot Barbour Slave (an electric razor perhaps?)
More Robot slaves for Madame
A Chemical Dinner
Scouts cyclists
At the School (looks most accurate of all.)
  Cinema - Phono - Telegraph (so its a video phone from 100 years )
Robot Slave Concierge (oh and flying freaking Cars)
A Steam Punk seen of Mad Max. This is 5 yers before The Mark I Tank.

Hearing Journal, like a dicta-phone.
A Curiosity, this was perhaps his way of saying the automobile would kill the horse.
Electric fire place
A automated tailor
An Airship-Boat
A Flower Festival, in flying cars.
Flying Fire-fighter, Flying Fire-fighters,Flying Fire-fighter.
The Avenue de l'Opera (its in France)
A Boat Rescue
Police Airman
An Advanced Helicopter
OK, OK my French sucks, so don't trust my translation. Well I hope you enjoyed this, see you all soon don't forget to comment and I will see you all next week. (via)

Monday 14 March 2011

Happy Pi Day

So its Pi day 3/14/2011 or in England not because our calendar makes more sense 14/3/2011. But on pie day lets learn why it’s not Pi day. math time bitches..  

Tuesday 8 March 2011

Thursday 24 February 2011

When standing next to his Amazonian Guard Gadaffi looks like the final boss in an all lesbian version of Street Fighter

When standing next to his Amazonian Guard Gadaffi looks like the final boss in an all lesbian version of Street Fighter

Tuesday 22 February 2011

Watson: Linux Basics

Watson: Linux Basics

Monday 21 February 2011

The story behind the Minecraft Diamonds ad.

First of all, [1] here's the ad on YouTube.
When I was at Machinima's place to do the livestream, the guys from CorridorDigital showed me a rough cut of their excellent short movie [2] The Last Minecart. I loved it and thought it was the greatest thing ever, and I couldn't wait for the final version to hit the intertubes! When I got into the office, I checked reddit, and saw that not only was that video online, there was ANOTHER Minecraft short available as well, and it was in the form of a 30 second ad, complete with a twist powerful enough to confuse M. Night Showercurtain, and a huge fat plug including the url to the game at the end.
That was the first time I heard about it. On reddit.
We hadn't seen any emails about it, we hadn't contacted anyone about making an ad, and I certainly wasn't expecting it. It all kinda overwhelmed and stunned me, so I didn't investigate it further, but today I got an email from the agent of the guy acting in it, [3] Mike Kwao, saying that he had really liked doing the short. That caused me to search my inbox for other emails, and it turns out that the guy who made the ad sent me an email in December with a rough cut, but I totally missed it because it was a fairly anonymous email. What's even better, [4] he's made two short movies before! Being a bit of a film nerd, and really loving his style in Diamonds, I'm trying to figure out if there's a legal way for me to watch them. - Notch:

Sunday 20 February 2011

The Sky Nets plan to take over the world

The Sky Nets plan to take over the world  

Stage One:
To begin your plan, first Kidnap a Military General. This will cause the world to sit up and take notice, stunned by your arrival. Who is this Evil Genius? Where did they come from? And why do they look so good in a Robotic Exoskeleton?

Stage Two:
Next, Destroy the Internet. This will cause countless hordes of Robot Warriors to flock to you, begging to do your every bidding. My name will become synonymous with Nightmares, as lesser men whisper your name in terror.

Stage Three:
Finally, you will Activate your Thermonuclear Missiles, bringing about the Apocalypse. This will all be done from a Air Fortress. These three deeds will herald the end, and the citizens of this planet will have no choice but to elect you their new overlord.

Trust me, it'll all come together in the end.

thank you Make Your Own Evil Plan

Wednesday 9 February 2011

Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart

Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart, that's all.

Tuesday 8 February 2011

Sky Speech text to speech UPDATE

Sky Speech text to speech interface, it’s a relatively simple application that reeds text out loud.

With update 1 on the way what features should be improved upon?

• Spellchecking.
• More voices.
• Voice input.
• Language support.
• Better controls.
• Or any other features you would like to see implemented.

I have started a Google Moderator discussion to help me work out what to do next, so post any ideas.

Saturday 5 February 2011

How to beat super Mario bros 3

How to beat super Mario bros 3 in under three minutes, if you want to showoff to your friends and prove your gaming heritage then give it a go.

Friday 28 January 2011

The reddit alien Snoo goes on holiday.

Well as you may or may not know, I’m a Redditer if you don't know what reddit is then you’re missing out. But that is irrelevant to this article, i am a very helpful Redditer, and i like to draw the reddit  alien "Snoo" for some of the other subreddits. 

  Hip Hop Snoo
 Gypsy rocker




Foot Ball (Not soccer)

Deal with the Devil 



r/TorontoBluejays  (apparently it is some kinda cricket)