Wednesday 27 April 2016

Cross Brouser Support For onPaste clipboardData

Some of the current browsers support a 'clipboardData' property as part of a paste event. This should allow you to query the different data formats created from the current data on the clipboard.

Safari and Chrome have the best support, but it is still incomplete. Firefox has no support if you discount using the XPCOM objects interface. The IE interface is older and only supports Text or URL data.

Firefox, Safari IE and Chrome all sanitize any HTML being pasted. Opera will only paste plain text so HTML sanitation is not an issue. Some earlier version of IE could cause some security issues as they copy hyper-links in full.

Try copying and pasting this paragraph and link into the box below.

Tuesday 12 April 2016

Cold Fusion debuging with fiddler proxy [CFML]

Not a clue why i'm doing Cold Fusion today but I am and I needed to debug some shitty API

<cfhttp method="post" proxyport="8888" proxyserver="" result="resultHttp" throwonerror="false" url="#apiURL#">
            <cfhttpparam name="requestData" type="formfield" value="#requestData#"></cfhttpparam>

Friday 1 April 2016