Monday 20 March 2017

Linux Clipboard Text To Speech

Install festival and esound-clients.

To do so, follow this tutorial:

Install xsel:

sudo apt-get install xsel

Create new file in your home folder, call it "" or something.

nano ~/apps/

edit it and paste the following line:

xsel --clipboard | festival --tts

Make the script executable

cmod +x ~/apps/

Make the file executable make a hotkey that launches the shell script:


Rsync over proxy gcloud / jumpbox

So I needed to pushdown some log files off of a box without a public IP, rather then rsync to the jump box / proxy then  rsync to my local box i made use of the ssh proxy command.

 rsync -avz -e 'ssh -o ProxyCommand="ssh -i ~/.ssh/google_compute_engine -W my-internal-ip.internal:22"' my-internal-ip.internal:/var/www/log/workers ~/code/logs/