Tuesday 30 November 2010

Fox News claims anti-fees protests were “rebellion against big government”

What are you on about fox news, first things first, they started with a map of the United Kingdom and called it Great Britain, Start as you mean to go on.

But seriously can you not see the banners in the protest its STOP the cuts not, more bloody cuts , there is no tea parties in the United Kingdom unless you include the monster raving loony party, who adopted the name for a while and best policy to date is;
The Government seems hell bent and positively gleeful at the possibility of cutting unemployment benefits, disability payments and other welfare payments, and cutting many services that a lot of people depend on, but don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for tackling Tax avoidance and Tax evasion for the rich, wealthy and privileged.

Which is nothing like the American tea party, apart from the loons... the whole thing is a joke, keep your damn lies that side of the pond FOX we see straight through your damn lies.

Sunday 28 November 2010

Justin Bieber warlords and drug dealers.

Justin Bieber warlords and drug dealers.

So if you ever wondered who loves Justin Bieber it’s not just 12 year old girls cougars and that weird guy no one really gets, warlords and drug dealers also have an affinity for this young singer, performer , brat.

Some ante Bieberites are using this as proof that Justin Bieber sold his soul and the rapture is coming soon, others say that Justin Bieber is a racist, while others think that this affects nothing they don’t like him never have never will and couldn’t care less.

So I translated this from Portuguese for you.
"A picture of teen star Justin Bieber calls attention Bigfoot dealer's mansion, found during a sweep by police in the German Complex. The triplex luxury villain who was the head of trafficking in the region was empty at the time the police arrived. The mansion is equipped with LCD TV and air-conditioning in all rooms, plus spa and nightclub. The photos are from photographer William Pinto.
More in Portuguese here (link):

Christopher Hitchens and Tony Blair

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Sunday 14 November 2010

I'm probably flip flopping.

I'm probably flip flopping on this but the recent student protests pissed me off, asshats ruining it fore us all.
but lets un crop.
This guy got his priorities all wrong.
but Dan Bull says pretty much what i wanted to say and put it in a rap video. 


Thursday 11 November 2010

I’m looking for some Hackers

I’m looking for some Hackers, well as you may or may not know I also run Hackoblog, which is a blog dedicated to hacking and alike, electronics computers science and general hacky behaviour I update it regularly, I take a no boundary approach because all information wants is to be free.

So if you are interested in writing for the hackoblog then hit me up with an email you can use the contact page or @TheSkyNet on Twitter and we can make something fun and beautiful.

If not that’s cool, I also need ideas for new hacks and tutorials so if you want to learn just do the same send requests to me. @TheSkyNet or use the contact page on this blog or IRC. (How to Join IRC)

Monday 8 November 2010

Excuse me good sir but do you mind... (Driscoll Middle School Trick Play)

OK so I'm normally hating on that thing Americans call football, but hay this was funny.

Saturday 6 November 2010

OK there's no Pig But I can see it????

I love optical illusions, there was a fun house at Blackpool with lots of them in I took some photos but lost my data cable, this was one of my favourites.