Thursday 11 November 2010

I’m looking for some Hackers

I’m looking for some Hackers, well as you may or may not know I also run Hackoblog, which is a blog dedicated to hacking and alike, electronics computers science and general hacky behaviour I update it regularly, I take a no boundary approach because all information wants is to be free.

So if you are interested in writing for the hackoblog then hit me up with an email you can use the contact page or @TheSkyNet on Twitter and we can make something fun and beautiful.

If not that’s cool, I also need ideas for new hacks and tutorials so if you want to learn just do the same send requests to me. @TheSkyNet or use the contact page on this blog or IRC. (How to Join IRC)


  1. @Sebastian hacking isn't just braking into computers, all hacking is, is making something do something its not supposed to. so a Xbox in to a toaster or some crazy science, its all hacking.

  2. @Kevin, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks for making me learn something new, haha.

  3. I think I'm already on your list lol