Tuesday 30 November 2010

Fox News claims anti-fees protests were “rebellion against big government”

What are you on about fox news, first things first, they started with a map of the United Kingdom and called it Great Britain, Start as you mean to go on.

But seriously can you not see the banners in the protest its STOP the cuts not, more bloody cuts , there is no tea parties in the United Kingdom unless you include the monster raving loony party, who adopted the name for a while and best policy to date is;
The Government seems hell bent and positively gleeful at the possibility of cutting unemployment benefits, disability payments and other welfare payments, and cutting many services that a lot of people depend on, but don't seem to have the same enthusiasm for tackling Tax avoidance and Tax evasion for the rich, wealthy and privileged.

Which is nothing like the American tea party, apart from the loons... the whole thing is a joke, keep your damn lies that side of the pond FOX we see straight through your damn lies.


  1. LOL. A bunch of whining, sponger, Chavs.

    Three words: "average speed cameras."
    Any country that tolerates them is screwed beyond all redemption.

  2. Kenny you fail to realise that the BBC fucked up on it too... in case you didnt know thats the BRITISH broadcasting Corperation.... And the United Kingdom and Great Britain are the same thing you tit.... Jeez Kenny... You should really read up on this stuff

  3. . And the United Kingdom and Great Britain are the same thing.
    No there not, maybe you should really read up on this stuff.

  4. People should just treat Fox News like a child, since they operate on a child's level 99% of the time.