Tuesday 3 May 2011

Lies from the lying conservative party, no2av yes2pr dot org.

What’s going on here then, well I guess I better give you all a little background.

There is a referendum vote on May 5th for the alternative vote and voting reform. The alternative vote is the same voting system as in Australia and is an improvement on the FPTP (first past the post) voting system. There is also PR proportional representation, which is a better, my preferred voting system, but is not in this referendum.

Now traditionally the Liberal Democrats are in support of voting reform and the conservatives are in favourer of FPTP because the conservatives although a dominant political party usually get a low amount of votes and a lot of seats this is because of how the FPTP system works.

Now imagine my surprise when I found this web site www.no2av-yes2pr.org no2av (no to alternative vote) (yes to proportional representation) ok you would think someone who would support AV in this referendum as the alternate vote is a lot closer to proportional representation then the archaic first past the post system.

Now it looks a little fishy so I did a quick Whois (Domain name look up) on the site, and the surprise with what I found Mr Piotr Brzezinski . The same Mr Piotr Brzezinski from the big society, the conservative party organisation!


The conservatives supporting PR! I think not. Under PR the Conservative Party would become the smallest political party (of the big 3), seeing that Mr Brzezinski is a member of the conservative party you would think that he would have been booted out of the Conservative Party for openly supporting PR.

Well the rest is speculation, but my best guess is that Mr Brzezinski and the Conservative Party are lying to the public in an attempt to get votes away from the AV campaign.

What an utter ass hole, So fuck you Mr Brzezinski .


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