Friday 25 March 2011

Toys i had growing up in the 90's

This is a reminiscing post about toys i had growing up in the 90's hope you enjoys some of my fondest memories. Dam you thought thieves!

The Super Soaker 200:

That’s right guys not the Super Soaker 50 nonsense I had the 200, id powen them 50’s fan boys by the thousand.


  Ok so noon relay new the rules at my school but Pogs looked cool so everyone had them.

Magic the Gathering:

While the mainstream was all up in Pikachus ass, my friends and I were dealing another kind of card. fine you got me i still play, BUT ITS FUN!

The Beano:

I was never in to the superhero comic book; my comic of choice was the beano. Call me old fashioned if you like but screw you I’m English don’t you know.

Super Nintendo:

Oh yes gaming on the SNES was brilliant I had mine with the scope, although it looked cool there was only one game, that sucked.


Why I had one I don’t know it died in less than 10 minutes and then I took it apart like all the other electronics in the house. Perhaps by the late 90’s I had become a sinik, I was in high school after all.

Action-Man :

Probably the most homosexual toy ever made, well apart from Pokémon homosexual edition. But it was more the fact I had strip them off and made them simulate sex rather than the toy is actually a gay. But yes I played the shit out of action man.

     Well that is it boys and girls but don’t forget to comment and tell me about the toys you liked growing up.