Wednesday 13 April 2011

An interview with Rich from Follow You Home.

I have just had the pleasure of holding hostage interviewing Rich from a local band called Follow You Home. There an interesting mix of pop rock that I happen to enjoy. Rich use to be in a band that went by the name of Three Storeys High, I used to enjoy them back when I was in Sixth Form College sitting in the Gherkin, a local student pub. Well Follow You Home is Rich's latest music venture so enjoy the word candy.

What's the origin of your name follow you home?
I am afraid there is no long and meaningful answer to that, I guess one of the hardest parts about starting a band is coming up with a name that is both catchy and has not been used yet. I think our name came from a Green Day lyric or something like that.
 Who makes up the band and what do they do?

We have Kayley on Vocals, Nick on the Axe, Mikey on the other Axe, Tom on the tin cans and myself (Rich) on the bass.
What genre of music do you consider your work to be?
We are trying to put our own stamp on our songs, just trying to mould a distinctive sound, I would call what we play "Power-pop / Rock". The melodies and pretty much classic pop melodies, but we try to have a powerful backdrop of music cutting through.
Who are your major influences?
I like to think we have a really wide range of influences. Everything from the 50's, old pop songs, Rock and Metal.
I guess some of our favourite bands are: Foo fighters, brand new, Jimmy eat world, green day, system of a down, and of course old school pop punk bands!
Who writes your songs?  

Our songs are really shaped by the whole band, me and Nick normally have an idea for a melody / lyric but it doesn't really come to life until we all get together and throw our ideas into the mix.
What influences your song making?
It's hard to say what influences our song writing. Most of the time, it just happens. I am a strong believer that if it doesn't click straight away it isn't worth keeping so most of our songs are written and arranged within a few hours.
So you first performance is coming up are you all nervous?

We had a little taste of the stage last week in Derby, supporting our friends in The Hush. I think this helped to take the edge off this first home-town show. But I think nearer the time there will be nerves. Its good though, keeps you on your toes and keeps the passion there.
What's your ultimate direction for your band?
Ultimately, we are just happy to be making music. We want to play shows, travel and as long as people want to listen we will keep doing it!
How do you feel about music piracy?
Personally, as an unsigned band for us music piracy is not a bad thing. We just want to be heard by as many people as possible! I can see how it is a problem for the big boys though!
Any last words……….

I just want to thank you for taking the time out to check us out, and we want to ask anyone thats reading to please help unsigned bands and check us out!

Well some interesting mouth words, from Rich there and not once did he beg for his life so I let him go, he has a gig coming up after all. Anyway remember to check them out the website is or annoy them on Facebook and twitter.

Now enjoy.

Once Upon A Lie (Exclusive Preview) by Follow You Home


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  2. Yes I have not really launched that one just yet.

  3. Ah, the haunting question about piracy. Music aside, that is one generic answer they have there! The industry standard, if you will.
    Once Upon a Lie = Worth a listen

  4. It's true Ritchie is a politician.