Friday 24 February 2012

You asked for it, my very own IAMA all about dyslexia

It is no secret that I am dyslectic and it is probably obvious to most that dyslexia plays a gigantically, massive, huge part in my life.

Unlike some dyslectics I honestly do like to talk about my disability, so after a few requests I made a IAMA of Reddit all about me and dyslexia, so without further ado I present to you the questions and answers.

Q: Have you tried using a dyslexic font? If so, does it help? Link to dyslexic font here

A: Yes I use gilldyslexic, and comic sans if thats not available.

Q: How did this affect you at school?

A: In my early years I had my very own personal assistant a reader and note taker in class but as I started to use technology more and more I became independent, the internet was just starting out and text to speech was widely available.

I had an [1] Apple eMate at to start off with, it was nice.

Throughout college I used a laptop and I had a reader for any paper exams, this is when I started of programing. Made my own software because everybody sucks. Finishing of university I just pay people to proof read my work.
I do well in academic environments what I lack in some skills a blaze in others so it all works out in the end.

Q: eMate, that's awesome haha. So, I'm not that familiar with dyslexia, what happens when you try to put the words to paper/screen?

A: "its hard to discribe but the sentec looks sortof like its right but not, so i end up maksing alot of speeling mistacaes and makes me sound like an idiot."
It's hard to describe but the sentence looks sort of like its right but not, so I end up making a lot of spelling mistakes and that makes me look like an idiot.

I remove all the squiggles and then I listen to it making sure it's sounding right.

Q: I just thought you were using some speech to text software to type for you.

A: I keep working on it, but they always just end up sucking. This is mostly because I'm not very good.

Q: What advice can I give to a co-worker who can't or won't get help with her dyslexia?

That's a good question, people don't like being told that they are not good at things this is true for us all. Overcoming your own limitations is the only whey to tackle it, learning and creating new methods of dealing with problems comes almost naturally for me so although it’s an issue it’s not an issue that I can’t overcome.

It comes as no surprise that she is un-willing to get help.

The dyslexia class that I took growing up are belittling they make you feel small, stupid and worthless.
This might come as shocking although it is obvious, employers don’t look favourably on any disability, I can clearly understand why, and I mean why someone with the same work experience the same grades but without the disability get the job.

But that’s not the disability that’s just life, life often sucks and sometimes you got to do what you got to do.

It is also an uphill battle to get what little help there is, when re-entering education I had to get reassessed as dyslexic it took over a year just so I had the right to use the screen reading software in exams. Granted I got a few extra perks like taking the tests on pc not pepper and not get my corce work marked doom for spelling.

Dyslexia isn’t a disability like many others it’s more like back pain than a disability it hurts like hell but proving it hurts is usually impossible to diagnose.

I’m sorry to say all you can do is be supportive; she is the one that needs to find her solution doing anything else would probably end up hindering.

Q: My sister is dyslexic and her favourite joke is "a dyslexic walks into a bra". I'm not doubting your dyslexia, but how come your post and your answers all read perfectly normally, no spelling mistakes or anything?

A: I don't reed words like dog and god because they have no similar shape, there their and they’re I can’t do along with any words that sound the same. I don’t usually text any one mostly because I haven’t got a method of checking my spelling, my current method is quit long.
1 Type out a paragraph
2 Remove all the squiggles.
3 Use the screen redder to proof reed.
4 Tried to spell out the incorrect words.
5 If failed then put it in a sentence and Google it.
6 If it’s a relay hard word like leprechaun then I used the sentence “pot of gold at the end of a rainbow”
7 Attempt to fix grammar (I still haven’t got a method for this).
It’s a bit hard and long winded but this whey I don't have to rely on any one else to do it.
I do it like anyone else I take it in to context I usually don't stress over it. But CAPITAL LETTERS piss me off because all the word look the same and S O U N D L I K E T T H I S on my screen reader.

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