Monday 20 September 2010

Is copyright racism?


Is copyright racism?


While reading an article on torrent freak about Professor Richard Dawkins, I had a thought which is extremely unusual for me, is copy right racism?
Before I start my argument I will make my position clear, when it comes to copyright I have mixed views, I work as a web developer and working in web development is a massive open sores GPL powered machine, this allows us small guys to compete with the big boys on a equal footing, all though I understand that copyright holders need to be paid I don’t always agree that litigating everyone until they stop is the right stance or a good idea.

Also I have no legal training what so ever and the only court experience I have is getting my CCJ, so I doubt that you could use this as a defence, but I digress let’s get on with this thing.
Under UK law racism is describe as such;

The Race Relations Act 1976 and all of its amendments and extensions protect individuals from being discriminated against on the grounds of colour, race, nationality, religious beliefs or ethnicity.

Nationality? But how can copyright discriminate on someone’s nationality, well like I stated before I was reading an article on torrent freak about Professor Richard Dawkins and the short of the story is this, Richard Dawkins is a international rock star atheist and world renowned scholar and scientist, he recently made a documentary for the British Channel4 television station, as the video on the channel for 4OD website is restricted to the UK and Ireland only, and the demographic off Professor Richard Dawkins is global so on his website he had comment such as:

Is there any way to watch this from Australia? I'd really like to see it.
I´d like to see it, too. Is there any way how to watch it from Czech Republic?
So he replied:
Do you mean that none of these work in your countries?
Now the YouTube videos were promptly taken down buy a copy right came buy Channel4.
Ok so it wasn’t really all that short, but that is what got me thinking Channel4 and other organisations use the DMCA and other copyright Laws to actively restrict information to people from Specific nationalities buy restricting the country’s that the information can be viewed in and using the DMCA and other copyright laws to actively take down the information that do not obey the copyright rules they have set out.

So my point is more that organisations can use the DMCA to discriminate against various nationalities rather than copyright laws are racist them self, but any law that can be used to promote racism are inherently racist.

So my question is copyright racism?


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