Sunday 29 August 2010

4 things to do before starting University

So you have sorted out all the paper work, got yourself some digs and enrolled with the University of your Choice “I know right lol”. And your nervous and your worried that your other class chums will know more then you, they undoubtedly will, but don’t worry you are all there to learn.

You have been using the web now for years, you think you know how to use it that you have learnt everything there is to know, but the world wide web is a lot bigger than that, there are so many resources out there that you may have even heard of but never understood, for this blog post I will focus on them with what you probably didn’t know about.

Google Advanced Operators, you have used Google before but there are things you don’t know Advanced Operators is probably one of them. They allow you to refine your searching among other things, read all about it hear. And remember Google before you speak.

Join a forum, you may be in a casual user forum, but there are better ones for instance I’m studying computer science, so I found an old school hacker site not one of them full of skids but full of UNIX hackers and coders “”. Find one for yourself they are in all topics.

Get Stumbleupon, Stumbleupon is a social recommendation engine it is the best tool for casual research into any topic, other social bookmarking tools exist but Stumbleupon allows you to Stumble through all sorts of topics vary fast, I have probably learnt a lot form this tool.

Get organized use Thunderbird with a calendar extension Lightning it keeps all emails and events in one place and helps a lot, if you haven’t already got Firefox “Get Firefox” not IE ,Opera or Google chrome get Firefox there are so many user extensions that will help you like reed it later and bookmark organisers that you will not know what you did without it.

And have a look at this for more thing to do.


  1. what country are you in? (the "learnt" was really getting at me in this post)

  2. I'm in the UK mate, but I carnt spell for shit