Tuesday 6 July 2010

We finally started Blink Web Media Web Design service

Ok so today me and some of my non University chums decided to start Blink Web Media , this is a web design and development company that we hope to do something new with it, though of you that no me know that a I’m an avid computer programmer and I really want to start getting some interesting projects.

So we thought to our self’s what can we do to make our self’s different... we pondered for a few minutes and then it sprung to us Face Book apps , this is a relatively new technology and we don’t even have to make crappy flash games we can code all the application in PHP and deliver them with xml.

Why I love Face Book it embodies what the internet was made for the free exchange of information and ideas, the internet is a social net work, all though Face Book may not be free there are some privacy issues to pay it is no cost.

We checked googol and yahoo we could not find a single company that was making unique face book apps, which were any good, all though this isn’t all we will do, we will deal with all the web as a medium, it’s going to be a strong selling point.

With this new idea under hat we decide to choose a name, it so happens I was lessoning to some old school Blink 182 and I told my storey about my first web Design company Coded Pixie witch I started at gates head collage, I lives at blink avenue no 182, a relatively boring storey but we thought blink good name.

We dint what to be just branded as Web Designer because we are not we use the web medium and that’s how we came up with then name.

any way check it out Blink Web Media Web Design Service

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